Tim Cooke

What I'm doing now

(This is a now page)

Staying at home

Following the UK Government advice on Coronavirus (COVID-19) I am spending a lot more time at home than usual. I live in Bangor (Northern Ireland) with my Wife and 2 year old Son where we are spending a lot of time playing in the garden and trying not to say the work 'Park' too loudly.

Since we are in the house together more often my Wife and I are doing Yoga with Adriene and are really enjoying it.

Working at home

I'm the Engineering Lead at Axial3D.

We make medical 3D print models for complex surgery planning. You would think we'd be quiet with COVID-19 but we're now also making Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and ventilator parts with extra printers borrowed from Ulster University and Farset Labs Belfast.

Otherwise I spend my days trying to make sense of Amazon AWS stuff and am finding serverless to be a great help with that.


As staff at coderanch.com I help run the weekly Book Promotions and help people solve their programming problems. This month I got promoted to Marshal for being one of the 5 most active Sheriffs (a Sheriff is a Moderator and Administrator).

Building this website

I've been putting this website together for years which is quite the challenge for me because I'm terrible at building websites. I can make them technically work and integrate with backend services but the graphic design stuff is not for me.

Having tried many different techniques and platforms and I've gone back to basic with plain and simple static HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. That's it, and I kinda like it.

Updated 19th May 2020, from Bangor, Northern Ireland